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                                                       I am launching a new service!

                             One to One Tuition for Small Creative Businesses.


Available for small creative businesses to help develop photography skills to improve website and social media  imagery.

  • Learn basic manual settings to get creative control of your imagery.
  • Help to achieve the look you want for your business.
  • Help to achieve your styling ideas.
  • Lessons on  the site of your business
  • 2 hour easy to remember lessons




One to One Tuition vs Workshops

Workshops cater for groups of people attending a class and can be a sociable day out should you want that. However, your own personal photographic goals may be diluted by others in the group. That can be a whole day away from your business where you  might only achieve some of your goals.

On line courses, while convenient, needs down- time commitment over a longer period of time.

One to one tuition allows you to set your own goals in easy to understand 2 hour chunks and delivered in the style you want for your business.


£105.00 for 2 hours in Worthing and within a 20 mile radius.

Email or DM on Instagram to book.

Any queries? just ask! 



"Dianna’s expertise and advice have completely transformed how I take photos and for the first time since I bought my camera (2 years ago). I actually understand how to use it properly. This has given me the confidence and know-how to take beautiful photos of my work – crucial to attracting new business to my shop. I thoroughly recommend Dianna for your photography needs! Thank you, Dianna!"

Jessica Lilah Florist

Ferring, West Sussex


"My session with Dianna taught me how to confidently use my camera. Buttons that eluded me became clear and simple to use. Dianna helped me consider my subject and its surroundings more carefully. I now ask myself questions about what I want to achieve and I am trying new things. An invaluable session that has changed the way I go about my photography."

Honeybridge Flowers

Ashington, West Sussex